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About Birgit Frauscher

Birgit Frauscher is Professor of Neurology/Biomedical Engineering and Director of the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center at Duke University Medical Center. Her research lab’s interest is in i) the development of novel seizure-independent EEG markers for the epileptogenic zone in order to achieve a more accurate diagnosis of epilepsy, ii) the investigation of the important interactions between sleep and epilepsy, and iii) the use of the unique possibility of invasive intracranial EEG for studying brain physiology during wakefulness and sleep in order to better delineate normal from abnormal intracranial EEG activity. Ultimately, her goal is to improve the quality of life in the many patients affected by drug-resistant epilepsy. Her research has been awarded with national and international awards, among which are the Excellence in Research Award 2021 of the Canadian League against Epilepsy, the Michael Prize 2019 of the International League against Epilepsy, and the Ernst Niedermeyer Award 2015 of the Austrian League against Epilepsy. She has published >160 peer-reviewed original articles with an H-index of 62. 

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