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Clinical Post-Doc

We are looking for a MD candidate (neurologist) with previous training in epileptology and neurophysiology (EEG / intracranial EEG) ideally within 1-2 years post sub-specialization. USMLE exams are not required, as this is a clinical research position. The candidate is expected to have their own project aligned with the lab’s main research direction with a strong focus on the development and validation of novel EEG biomarkers to achieve a more accurate diagnosis of epilepsy and ultimately better surgical outcomes. More specifically, they will be involved in the development of novel neurophysiology biomarkers for improved prediction of epilepsy surgery outcomes. A first objective will consist in phenotyping our growing database of SEEG data. This will provide the opportunity to obtain extensive training in the interpretation of SEEG. Secondly, the candidate will also be involved in the analysis of non-invasive high-density scalp EEG recording and will be trained to perform electrical source imaging.

Applicants must have their degree in neurology to be considered as postdoctoral fellow by the University and are required to have demonstrated clinical expertise in epileptology and electrophysiology.

Applicants should have excellent organizational skills, an aptitude for teamwork, and good writing skills. A productive publication record as well as experience in the use EEG research software (Brainstorm, MNE python or Matlab EEG lab) will constitute an asset, but is not a must. Funding of this position following the NIH guidelines for postdoctoral salaries is guaranteed by the University for at least 2 years.

Please send your CV, a brief research statement and two references letters to us:

Neural engineering Post-Doc

Are you a dynamic and ambitious researcher with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the brain? The Analytical Neurophysiology Lab (Anphy Lab) at Duke University invites applications for an engineering / computational neuroscience postdoctoral position, offering a unique chance to delve into cutting-edge projects at the intersection of epilepsy, sleep, neuroscience, and data analytics. Here, you will have an opportunity to immerse yourself in projects encompassing multimodal data (high-density/intracranial EEG, imaging: MRI/DTI), advanced analyses, and innovative neuroimaging implementations.


Main focus: Your initial challenge will involve contributing to the development of an automated system to optimize the treatment of new epilepsy surgery patients. This exciting project combines data analysis with multimodal epilepsy data, integrating natural language processing, machine learning techniques, and statistics.



· Ph.D. (preferably in engineering or computational neuroscience) with <3 years of post-PhD experience

· Experience with epilepsy data (EEG) and proficiency in MATLAB/Python mandatory

· Expertise in signal processing, image processing (MRI/DTI), machine learning/deep learning/NLP (desirable)

· Leadership and organizational skills, mentorship abilities, and a collaborative spirit

· Excellent writing skills and a demonstrated publication record

· Familiarity with Brainstorm, MNE Python, or Freesurfer (desirable)

· Commitment to at least a 2-year term


What we offer:

· A multicultural, multi-expertise, and dynamic environment

· Opportunity to be involved in multiple ongoing projects and to lead their own independent projects

· Guidance and support for grant applications fostering future independence

· Collaboration opportunities within our large international and national network of collaborators (e.g. 5-SENSE consortium, sleep iEEG atlas consortium)

· Competitive facilities and remuneration (following NIH guidelines), with an additional yearly allowance to attend one international/national conference


Application Details: To apply and queries send your CV, a brief research statement, and two referee letters. For inquiries, reach out to with the subject ‘Postdoc_engineering_query.’

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You can also contact us by filling this contact form:

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