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The Analytical Neurophysiology Lab

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Prof. Frauscher's Lab for Analytical Neurophysiology seeks to employ a variety of quantifiable tools in order to shed light on neurophysiological and pathological processes



Welcome to the ANPHY lab, where we are dedicated to advancing the field of neuroscience through research into epilepsy and sleep. Our team specializes in using both invasive and noninvasive electrical recordings to study brain activity in humans.

We believe that understanding the fundamental mechanisms of brain activity is the key to unlocking new treatments and therapies for epilepsy, and we are passionate about our work. If you would like to learn more about the ANPHY lab and our research, please read more on ourwebsite.

Latest Publications

Rapid eye movement sleep affects interictal epileptic activity differently in mesiotemporal and neocortical areas

We utilized polysomnography combined with direct cortical recordings to investigate the influences of anatomical locations and the time of night on the suppressive effect of REM sleep on IEDs.

Our results demonstrate a spatiotemporal effect of IED suppression by REM sleep relative to wakefulness in neocortical, but not mesiotemporal regions, and in late versus early sleep. This suggests the importance of considering sleep stage interactions and the potential influences of anatomical locations when using IEDs to define the epileptic focus.

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